Image by Alexas_Fotos
Feeding & Housing


If you want to supplement a hedgehog's natural foraging diet, you can offer: 

  • Good quality hedgehog food 

  • Meaty cat or dog food 

  • Dry cat biscuits 


Nuts, sunflower seeds or mealworms, as these are high in phosphorous and can cause metabolic bone disorder.


Plain water is the best thing to leave out for your hedgehogs to ensure they keep hydrated. Remember that they are lactose intolerant - so no milk! 


Hedgehogs make their own nests by collecting leaves, grass, straw, bracken and reeds and piling them under wood, hedges, sheds or shrubs. However, you can help them along (particularly in urban areas) by building your own hedgehog house! Please see the example below as provided by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Remember to use only water-based preservatives, as non-water based preservatives (such as Creocote) have strong fumes which can linger for a long time and cause harm to the hedgehog. 

Hedgehog House